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The Regiment by Isabella Chiam, R&D, Producer

“Ta’at Setia” - Loyal and True
These were the words that the brave soldiers of the Malay Regiment lived and died by. Up until the end, they fought tooth & nail to keep Singapore from falling to the Japanese invaders. And they did, to their dying breath. How did they come to this? Did they ever think to run? What were they fighting for?

In The Regiment, we try to piece together the story of a few recruits in the Malay Regiment, in the years leading up to the Fall of Singapore in 1942. We will see how this group of idealistic, young men come together under the threat of impending war, and how they try to uphold their oaths to each other and to the Regiment in the face of death & strife. Ultimately, we will witness their sacrifice as they succumb to an invading force too great to overcome.

This devised production is currently in its 2nd phase of Research & Development.

The Regiment was presented at Centre 42, Singapore and was supported by CLF Labs, Mendaki & MakBesar.
Crowdfunding Partner Bodeiga Barbershop

Devised by

Isabella Chiam, Farez Najid,

Syaiful Arrifin, Al-Matin,

Yazid Jalil & Kaykay Nizam

Written by

Faizal Abdullah

Production Stage Manager

Siti Syahadah

Lighting Design by

Yong Huay

Dramaturgy by

Grace Lee-Khoo

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