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MAHARLIKA Led by Chris Reyes, Producer

Ma-har-lika, an ancient Filipino Tagalog term meaning - Nobleman, Freedman & Warrior-class,

Symbolising the independence and power of the Filipino people.A new artistic platform that seeks to highlight and support Filipino creatives who are under-represented within the UK.


The platform will present its first live stream interactive show broadcasting from live music and creative venue, Growhackney. Delivering a series of short creative films, cross-collaborating artists fusing indigenous and modern artforms into dance, film, music, spoken word and martial arts. Viewers will get to experience a diverse palette of works led by the first wave of UK Filipino artists, Digital interactions with viewers through our Q&A sessions and gaining a deeper understanding of their narrative through live discussions. 

This first edition is currently supported by

Arts Council England, RUMAH, Grow Hackney, Omnibus Theatre & PirateStudios.

MAHARLIKA will had it's first launch on Monday, 28th February 2022 at Grow Hackney and was Livestreamed on YouTube

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