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Barter Market by Sam Lo, Project Manager

Creating a human connection with the Barter Market.

"...When we did The Barter Market, we had all these different artists from my community come out and sit in a booth, and the whole point of the project was to remember that human connection. It was not at all about the monetary transaction or how people put digits to how things cost — it was the value of what we see and what it meant to us that was more important, and I wanted to bring that back through The Barter Market. We had people come to the market and do kickflips for postcards and there was even someone who brought a guitar down to sing a song in exchange for ceramics. We also had somebody do a rap battle as well and they themselves have never done anything like that outside. The Barter Market created that human connection which made the art more meaningful.”  - Sam Lo, Nylon's 2020 Cover Star

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