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In The Pipeline #Yarnbomb by Momshoo, The Substation, Producer


In the Pipeline is a yarn-bombing art installation made in collaboration with The Substation. It covered the pillars of The Substation building facade as well as foyer area from 22nd August till 30th September 2014.

The knitted pipes and tubes run along the walls and close to the ceiling of the foyer area and eventually lead out, stopping short at the 2 central pillars of the Substation building façade. The pillars of the building façade was wrapped in a vibrant patchwork of yarn pieces collected during public 'Knitting Parties'.


The resulting installation is a collaborative work by the public. This expounds on the idea of wonderful things to come “in the pipeline” that will soon lead to this burst of colourful creativity (the wrapping on the pillars) from the local community.

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