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1. Virtual / In-Person Coffee Date
for Artists & Producers.

Donate what you can on my Ko-fi

Book me to have a chat about your projects or just someone you want to bounce ideas with or read your grant applications.

2. Bid-writing / Crowdfunding
£120/day (Varies for project)

Ideal for individuals who need a producer on board to draft a grant application and to build a fair budget for your project.

I work collaboratively with artists to confidently pitch your ideas and transalte that on to your funding applications.   


"Khai was our Associate Producer for #WeRNotVirus, proving herself an integral part providing unremitting support with her talent, hard work and dedication. Her calmness in the face of challenges and gentle good humour makes her an absolute joy to work with along with her consummate professionalism."

- Jennifer Lim- Artistic Director, MOONGATE

3. I Produce Your Show :
£120/day (Varies for project)

You and I sign a contract and we take the risks together. But first, book me for a free virtual

coffee / chai / juice and let’s chat.


"As a producer, Khai is super-super caring. She puts her whole heart and soul in on a project because it’s not just a job for her but because she cares about them. She is really good at holding a team together and leading a team.

Khai go beyond just doing logistical stuff and having creative ideas, not just for fundraising but for a whole audience experience for where plays and projects can get taken.  I never felt so supported and held by a producer as with Khai during Patria Gets Ready at Vaults Festival."


– Kaleya Baxe, Director, Patricia Gets Ready (For A Date With The Man That Used To Hit Her)


Other than producing, I also support artists/creatives who require administrative support. The below list is by no means exhaustive so if you have something in mind which is not on the list below, just get in touch with me and we can discuss it.  



“Khai has been a brilliant project manager for my project F-ing Good Provocation. Her realm of work within the project includes liaising with 20 artists, coordinate their availabilities, proof read the artist info pack, set up book keeping documents on excel, managing correspondences and acting as a sounding board for me.


Her friendly, upbeat yet professional, attention-to-detail and can-do attitude has been a real joy to be around. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who wish to work with her. Khai is a keeper.”

– Jane Chan, F-Ing Good Provocation

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